1.  Click on “Shop” in the upper menu.
  2.  Click on the product you are interested in.
  3.  Select the amount you wish to buy.
  4.  Click on “Add to Cart”.
  5.  Click on “View Cart” in the upper right corner.
  6.  Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
  7.  Enter your address data & payment.
    7.1 Bitcoin Payment: Read this article on how to buy and use Bitcoins.
  8.  Click on “Place order”.
    8.1 If you have selected Bitcoin Payment you will now have to pay. Read this article, its important.

We dont accept orders via email except we tell you to give us some information.

We dont accept returns. All sales are final

Unpaid order will be deleted automatically.
If you want an order to be shipped you will have to pay it first.

All our products are labtested. This means that the grade of purity in the discription of the product is always correct.

You can find prices for all our products in our shop.
Discount will be applied automatically, once added to the cart

For security reasons we only communicate with customers via email.

We do not call customers and also we do not chat on skype/whatsapp/any other app.

We dont do that because it would be a high risk and also over-complicating the needs.
Phone calls, whatsapp, skype etc. are tracable.

We are sorry, we have so many site visitors, asking for samples.

Because most people are not going to place an order afterwards we decided not to send samples anymore.

This is not negotiable.

There are a few possible reasons why you have’nt received your order.

– Make sure you have sent the funds to the correct Bitcoin address. In the order summary email you received just after placing your order you find the bitcoin address you have to send your bitcoin to.

– Make sure you sent the correct amount. This is a common issue. In the order summary email you received just after placing your order you will find the amount in btc you have to pay.
Often, customers are typing in the amount in $/€ instead of bitcoin, which is wrong.

The exchange rate for one bitcoin is constantly changing. Thats why our shop will calculate an amount in bitcoin at the time you placed your order.

Also, our shop is very autonomous: Once you paid the amount calculated by the shop it will automatically mark your order as paid and we are processing your order.

Go to and paste the bitcoin address you received via email.
You will see a “Total Received”-Amount. This has to be equal to the amount you received via email.

– Make sure you paid the invoice within three hours.

Please add the product you are interested in, to the cart.

Try to reduce the amount. Once you get an error message you will see the minimum order quantity.