Yes. We are deleting your information once we have sent your order.

The communication between you and our servers is encrypted with ssl.

Our servers are running a so called “ramdisk”. Most computers store data on their harddrive from which you can read the data after shutting down the computer.

But not so in our case. Our data is stored in a virtual disk which is stored in the memory (RAM).
The RAM will be cleared in the same moment if you power off the computer (which you have to, if you want to read anything from it)

Of course you will not get in any trouble.
We can guarantee this because of two reasons:

Bypassing customs

We are bypassing customs of every country. Unfortunately we cannot tell you anything about how we achieve this, since it wouldnt be working anymore if we would tell it everybody.

Stealth shipping

We are shipping stealth. This means that we are going to hide the drugs inside of other things so even if an asshole postman wants to steal your stuff he would have something completely useless.

Also, even if our method of bypassing the customs wouldnt work anymore, you still would be 100% safe.
We can guarantee this because we have an x-ray and drug dogs which check every order.
If our dogs and x-ray dont find it, the customs dogs and x-rays wont find it either.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you anything about how our packages look like, cause the police could ask us too, in order to identify our packages more easily.

It doesnt matter if you send your personal address or someone else’s.


yes, our site is real.

It would be illegal for the cops to motivate you to do a crime.
We are using offshore servers so we stay secure.
We are shipping stealth, so nobody will ever know that you placed an order.

As a customer it isnt required to use a VPN. The communication between you and our server is encrypted so nobody will ever know that you placed an order. Maybe you just googled “cocaine” and accidentally clicked on our website….? Thats really nothing you should care about, there are thousands of internet users which do so every day. Nobody can see what you are doing on our website (because of the encryption), your ISP only “knows” that you have been on our website (which is not illegal at all). Also, there is no situation like “hey, this guy visited a drug website, we’ll tell the cops”, because it simply isnt the ISPs job.

It would require the cops to have a judicial order so the ISPs even just talk with them. And if we go even further, the ISPs cant tell the cops anything except that you have visited our website.